FM transmitters Decade Stades
 FM transmitters Decade stades
Sports fans will miss nothing of their favourite sport!  Provide a complete sensory experience to sports fans among your clients or your audience with a Decade transmitter. In a stadium or sports bar equipped with one of our products, and using a portable FM receiver, they will be able to follow the live description of sporting events and have access to stats and comments while attending in person or watching on the TV screen.
Stadiums:  The Toronto Blue Jays are currently using a transmitter to broadcast inside the Stadium, the content (play by play) of the baseball game. Spectators are encouraged to bring their own FM walkman and tune to the FM frequency inside the Stadium. The audio signal from an AM station (on location) is linked to the transmitter and the spectators are receiving the signal with their own FM walkman. The spectator, with such an application, is able to retrieve a multitude of information about statistics during the play by play, and even at the hot dog stand.
Arenas:  The Florida Panthers of the NHL have been using one of our transmitters for a few years to broadcast in-game announcements. That way, hockey fans can tune in with their personal FM radio and enjoy continuous game commentary. 
  • To broadcast audio description of the sporting events on an FM frequency, which spectators can be listened to on their own portable FM receiver, anywhere inside the stadium or arena;
  • The description of the sporting events can be handled by a sports commentator present in the stadium, or it can be a rebroadcasting of a radio or television station covering the event.

Coverage of 4000 feet of radius or more (with portable FM receivers), when the transmitter is not located in the area to cover, for example in an other room.

More information on the FM Series

Indoor: coverage of 5000 feet of radius or more (with portable FM receivers), when the transmitter is not located in the area to cover, for example in an other room.
Outdoor: coverage of 3 km of radius or more with car radios.

More information on the FM Series


With our FM transmitters, it is possible to listen to the mass on your car radio, in the church parking lot.

Also, people who don't have a vaccination passport can attend masses or other events that they wouldn't normally be allowed to.

There will be a slight price increase, effective on February 1st 2022.  Decade never increased any price since 1991, but with the large price increase for electronic components, wires, connectors, sheet metal, pc-boards, cardboard, solder, etc. in the last two years, we have no choice but to do the same.

The 2022 dealer price list is available.  Please contact us at

Decade is against planned obsolescence, and offers products with a life expectancy far superior than that of all consummer electronic products available today.

See what professionals think of our great products in our new Reviews section.


This website displays false statements regarding the FCC certification / legality of many FM transmitters including our MS-100.  Please be assured that our MS Series of high quality FM transmitters are FCC part 15 certified and perfectly legal to use in the USA.  Furthermore, also advises potential customers not to buy many models of transmitters (including our MS series), under those false statements.  Instead, it emphasizes one or two products, including their own brand which, ironically, is not recommended by many FM transmitters forums.

We sincerely believe that our MS Series of transmitters are the best FCC part 15 FM transmitters in the market, and no other product even comes close in terms of RF performances, sound quality, reliability and longevity.  Yes, they cost more, but they are well worth it.


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