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"It's been almost a year since I bought a Decade FM system.
From my first use I have been very impressed with the performance of the device as well as the quality and range of the signal. I am very satisfied with my purchase."

Claude Busque
Disco Mobile Claude Busque
Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, Québec, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"Decade Transmitters changed the way I see specialized products.

Having tried several companies specializing in close range FM transmitters, I quickly realized that the vast majority of them offered products either ineffective or just low-end (not strong enough and very low range). But the day I tried Decade's MS-100, I remained speechless for a few seconds. Everything I heard about this product was true: solid, easy to use, and most importantly, high quality HiFi transmission. I recommend Decade to everyone for their service, and their products' quality, durability and reliability. I even own one that has been operating for over a year without stopping, and it shows no sign of fatigue."

Dominic Jobin
Saint-Jean-Chrysostome, Québec, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"I have been making business with Decade for several years now. Not only is their service fast and excellent, but the quality of their equipment is always flawless. Reliability and quality are the strengths of their transmitters. In 10 years I've had no failures. Bravo."

Marc Porlier – CTS, Executive account manager
Techni-Logique Services Audiovisuels
Boucherville, Québec, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"Since July 2009, we at Ex Machina use Decade transmitters for the audio broadcasting of the Image Mill in Quebec city, and they fit our needs perfectly.
They are efficient and reliable because they were used 24/7 from late June to early September and we had no problem. In addition, Decade provided us with a product that was compatible with our complex system of sound diffusion. Furthermore, the folks at Decade contacted us periodically to ensure our satisfaction with the equipment. We are very pleased with the service they offer. It's always a pleasure to work with a team as honest as theirs."

Mario Brien, Production Director
The Image Mill
Ex Machina (Robert Lepage)
Québec city, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"Thank you for your prompt attention to this LX-75 and antenna matter. It's another reason why we at MediaVoice will continue to actively promote and represent Decade Products here in the Maritimes as we have now for 11 years."

Kind regards,

Dave Bannerman
MediaVoice Productions
Newport, Nova Scotia, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"Sol Maestro is very pleased with the professionalism, dynamism and advices offered by Decade. The transmitters you make are reliable and our customers are very satisfied. Thanks to all the team and we are looking forward to growing together!"

Pascal Desjardins, Mutimedia coordonator
Sol Maestro
Laval, Québec, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"Broadcast Live Technologies has used Decade transmitters at PGA tournaments, and currently in Sports Bars so patrons can tune in and receive the audio of the TV. We're absolutely confident they are the best available and we continue to use them faithfully."

John Roe, CEO
Broadcast Live Technologies Inc.

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"I want to give my endorsement on the outstanding performance of the MS-100 model. Life Time Fitness has been using the MS-100 model on the workout floor of our fitness centers for over five years now. We currently have eighty five clubs throughout nineteen states in the US, with nearly one thousand MS-100 units in service. I must say I can probably count on one hand the number of failures over five years.

It's one of the best sales tools used by the Membership Advisors. If you walk around the workout floor, nearly everyone of the members has a headset on with a radio. Many members schedule their workouts around their favourite television shows, and sports such as baseball, football, basketball and hockey games. Thank you for a great product and your tremendous service and support over the years and into the future."

Michael Soltys
Lifetime Fitness
AV Department/IT

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"We are the USA's largest purchaser of MS-100 transmitters from Decade. Our business relationship has been going on 10 years now and we have always had good product and good service from everyone at Decade."

David Stamps
National Accounts Manager
Audio Acoustics Inc.

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"Thanks, we are very happy with ours. We had the most amazing drive-in Movie Theater in our back parking lot.  Over 300 students with a 30 foot screen and sound in each of their cars. It was one of the most memorable events I have been at with my school. I definitely would recommend this to any school. It is awesome!"

Brandon Fletcher
Lethbridge School District no 51
Lethbridge, Ontario, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"We've been using your transmitter for our in-game announcer for a few years now, the coverage in this 19,200 seat NHL arena far greater than we've imagined. The selectable FM frequency range is a necessity due to ever changing broadcast demands. Fans can tune in with their personal FM radio and enjoy continuous game commentary. Highly recommended."

Dean Dydek, Sr. Audio/Video Technician
Florida Panthers Hockey Club
Sunrise, Florida, USA

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"We picked up the FM-850 for our rental division, and despite being dragged around in outdoor events it still works great. I have installed the LX-75 as a solution to an impossible wiring problem, set and forget. Add another happy client to the list. I have never had any problems standing behind your products and recommending them to my clients. Keep up the good work, and I'll keep on recommending your products to our customers."

Robert Corriveau, Service Manager
Le Groupe Spectre Sonore
St-Hubert, Québec, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"I use exclusively Decade transmitters on my projects. They are reliable under all site conditions and have performed to all specifications. The technical service and sales staff are always available to assist me with my quotations and questions."

Rodney Joffe
Audio Video Design
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"We use a Decade transmitter in our human volunteer testing and have found it to be an easy to use and robust system. Our laboratory contains a large amount of water, metal, and other materials that would normally interfere with wireless transmitters, however the Decade transmitter has not been hindered by them. It offers an excellent value for this price, and we are extremely happy with his performance."

Jonathan Power
National Research Council Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"CAPS Inc. manufactures portable, live ammunition, video-based firearms training systems for law enforcement, military and security training. Decade transmitters have been an integral component of all our systems since 2004. The MS-100 transmitter allows us to broadcast the audio signal from our video scenarios directly to FM receivers in the hearing protection worn by the trainees. This greatly enhances the realism of training experience. Our systems are used in firing ranges and the Decade transmitters are dependable and rugged enough to be used in indoor as well as outdoor range environments. The MS-100's work flawlessly and company support is first class."

Dave Young, President
Montréal, Québec, Canada


 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"We live in Sutton where we are fortunate to have a small concert hall, the Salle Alec et Gérard Pelletier, that presents classic movies and numbers of other shows.

However, we don't go there anymore because of the "new deafness" which, even with hearing aids, prevents us from hearing correctly. Frustrations!

But now, with the installation of a DECADE transmitter, we laugh along with the other spectators, we take part in exchanges after the shows since we have heard everything. Total happiness! And it's so easy: an FM MP3 player and earphones are all that is needed.

We knew this system existed in some major venues, but we never thought it would be so easy to install in a small room and the price is affordable. Now the Salle Alec et Gérard Pelletier is really a GREAT venue. Come check it out..."

Louise Comtois and Paul Morency
Salle Alec et Gérard Pelletier
Sutton, Québec, Canada


Here is a list of some of our well known clients
Bose Corporation
Canadian Armed Forces
Canadian National (CN)
Cavalia / Illumi
Faimont Hotels
Famous Players
Fox TV
Le Moulin à Images (Ex Machina, Robert Lepage)
Meteo Media
Microsoft Corporation
Onkyo America
Place des Arts
Radio Shack
Rockwell Corporation
Salvation Army
Texas Heart Institute
Théâtre St-Denis
TQS - V - Noovo
US Army
Vancouver Aquarium
Watch Tower Group


With our FM transmitters, it is possible to listen to the mass on your car radio, in the church parking lot.

Also, people who don't have a vaccination passport can attend masses or other events that they wouldn't normally be allowed to.

There will be a slight price increase, effective on February 1st 2022.  Decade never increased any price since 1991, but with the large price increase for electronic components, wires, connectors, sheet metal, pc-boards, cardboard, solder, etc. in the last two years, we have no choice but to do the same.

The 2022 dealer price list is available.  Please contact us at

Decade is against planned obsolescence, and offers products with a life expectancy far superior than that of all consummer electronic products available today.

See what professionals think of our great products in our new Reviews section.


This website displays false statements regarding the FCC certification / legality of many FM transmitters including our MS-100.  Please be assured that our MS Series of high quality FM transmitters are FCC part 15 certified and perfectly legal to use in the USA.  Furthermore, also advises potential customers not to buy many models of transmitters (including our MS series), under those false statements.  Instead, it emphasizes one or two products, including their own brand which, ironically, is not recommended by many FM transmitters forums.

We sincerely believe that our MS Series of transmitters are the best FCC part 15 FM transmitters in the market, and no other product even comes close in terms of RF performances, sound quality, reliability and longevity.  Yes, they cost more, but they are well worth it.


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