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"We bought the MS-100 to translate our services into Spanish, and have been nothing but impressed with the unit's performance and reliability.  We would certainly use another Decade product in the future."

Jason Jett, Assistant Pastor
Bible Baptist Church
Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"We are using a Decade transmitter to broadcast our weekly church announcements outside of our building. This way, people can tune in and hear announcements as they are entering and leaving the church parking lot.  We have great reception over our entire main property (about 5 hectares). Set-up was easy, and we simply use a Walkman as the audio source.  We are very pleased with our Decade transmitter."

Pastor Blair Colliver
Bethel Gospel Tabernacle
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"The stereo FM-850 transmitter fits perfectly into our sound rack.  Everything from measuring the right antenna length according to the frequency we selected to how many Watts of power we would need to cover the inside of our neo-gothic church with lots of stone and steel was easy to configure.  Since we have installed this FM system, numerous members of our parish who were complaining of how difficult it was to hear the sermons in the church due to echo and reverberation told me that once they followed our instructions on what kind of MP3 player to buy, they found great pleasure in listening to not only the spoken word from the pulpit but the sound of our Casavant organ and the parish choir. They are both picked up by the various microphones inside the church and sound great."

Robert Smith, Parish Manager
Ascension of Our Lord Parish
Westmount, Québec, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
“Our church has been using the FM transmitter for several years with no problems. We are very pleased with the performance and reliability.”

Barry Bowles

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"We recently had a meeting in Malaysia with representatives from over 40 nations. We had need of four simultaneous translations for Chinese, Russian, Korean, and Spanish speakers. We purchased four transmitters from Decade and they did the job superbly with solid signals and crystal-clear reception. The ease of using regular FM Walkman-type receivers gives a lot of flexibility and backup should receiving units fail. I've owned a number of Decade transmitters and believe them to be the best made conference-use transmitters in the world.  The only problem is that when staff members see how easy they are to use and how they make the meetings smoother, they want them so I end up giving them away!"

John Sorensen, President
Evangelism Explosion International
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA


Here is a list of some of our well known clients
Bose Corporation
Forces Armées Canadiennes
Canadien National (CN)
Faimont Hotels
Famous Players
Fox TV
Meteo Media
Microsoft Corporation
Onkyo America
Place des Arts
Radio Shack
Rockwell Corporation
Salvation Army
Texas Heart Institute
Le Moulin à Images (Ex Machina, Robert Lepage)
Théâtre St-Denis
US Army
Vancouver Aquarium
Watch Tower Group


With our FM transmitters, it is possible to listen to the mass on your car radio, in the church parking lot.

Also, people who don't have a vaccination passport can attend masses or other events that they wouldn't normally be allowed to.

There will be a slight price increase, effective on February 1st 2022.  Decade never increased any price since 1991, but with the large price increase for electronic components, wires, connectors, sheet metal, pc-boards, cardboard, solder, etc. in the last two years, we have no choice but to do the same.

The 2022 dealer price list is available.  Please contact us at

Decade is against planned obsolescence, and offers products with a life expectancy far superior than that of all consummer electronic products available today.

See what professionals think of our great products in our new Reviews section.


This website displays false statements regarding the FCC certification / legality of many FM transmitters including our MS-100.  Please be assured that our MS Series of high quality FM transmitters are FCC part 15 certified and perfectly legal to use in the USA.  Furthermore, also advises potential customers not to buy many models of transmitters (including our MS series), under those false statements.  Instead, it emphasizes one or two products, including their own brand which, ironically, is not recommended by many FM transmitters forums.

We sincerely believe that our MS Series of transmitters are the best FCC part 15 FM transmitters in the market, and no other product even comes close in terms of RF performances, sound quality, reliability and longevity.  Yes, they cost more, but they are well worth it.


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