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"Your unit is always the best. Yes, we will look for more in the future.  Thanks!"

Samuel Yu
San Gabriel, California, USA

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"We purchased the LX-75M for translating our sermons into Russian.  The translation is occurring during the sermon but because we use small personal radios for those requesting translation and the LX-75M is so simple to operate and integrate into our audio system that most people do not even know we have a radio transmission during our services.  It is an excellent product from a superb company.  I will buy from Decade again in the future."  Thanks again for your terrific customer service.  All the best in your new location."

Pastor Michael Hoffort
Living Hope Community Church
Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"I received my CM10 today and it is a very nice looking and well constructed unit. The performance completely meets my needs and expectations.I am glad I chose your company to purchase my transmitter. Thank you for choosing to market a quality product."
Paul Bridgman
Beaufort, South Carolina, USA

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
« Très satisfait du CM-10, avec cd la qualité est excellente et de l'ordi la qualité est satisfaisante.  Merci »
Éric St-Pierre
Montréal, Québec, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"Just placed my second order for a GP-32 dipole antenna. I have built dipoles before with success, but your design is much superior than any homebrew as far as ease of use, performance, and appearance."
Gregory Haas
El Dorado Hills, California, USA

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"Unit arrived today in good order.  I am quite impressed with the constuction and functionality.  Great range and sound quality.  Keep up the good work!"

Kind regards,

Tim Hall
THFC Consulting
Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
« Bonjour,  j'ai commandé et recu de chez vous un decade CM-10. Tout fonctionne bien avec cet appareil. Pour rendre honneur à la qualité de cet appareil, je suis à la recherche d'un synthonisateur FM de qualité. »

Viateur St-Onge
Montréal, Québec, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
« Nous venons de faire l'installation d'un DECADE LX-75 pour le centre Jean-Rougeau de la ville de Montréal.  Très bon produit! Facile à installer et excellent rendement avec l'antenne dans la même pièce. »

Merci !

Jean-François Provost
Installations électriques Jean Provost inc.
Verchères, Québec, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
« Cher Monsieur, à ma recommandation, mon client a acheté récemment deux de vos transmetteurs FM-800 par le biais de Solotech. Nous en sommes tous plus que satisfait et, en tant que consultant/technicien indépendant, très fier d'encourager une entreprise ''Québecoise '' avec un produit d'une si grande qualité. »

Gilles Blanchette, technicien / consultant indépendan
Montréal, Québec, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"My LX-75 has been bounced around in off road conditions for 12 years accumulating more than 10000 hours of use in a dusty environment.   It took a cab fire to managed to finally kill it."
Dirk Kanis
Dirk Kanis Contracting
Innisfail, Alberta, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"Thank you for your fast response to my request for a loaner transmitter o get to my client, myFM, past some crucial hocker playoff games in Kingston.  Decade makes a fine product and I hope to be able to sell another one someday soon.
Once again, thank you !"
Michael St-Amand, owner
MS Technical Services
Petawawa, Ontario, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"I bought one of your transmitters a few years ago. It's fantastic and very reliable. I have installed it in a water proof box on top of my studio roof."
Jerry Pelletier
Crawfordville, Florida, USA

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"Just wanted to let you know, got the transmitter, listened all afternoon on all types of stereos & radios  from a lot of sources including Internet radio down to an old turntable and am thrilled to have music with excellent sound all over the house, garage, excellent range. What a great product to tie all my old & new equipment together and have whole home audio for such a low price. :)))   Many thanks. "

Kristina Dijan
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"Recently purchased the CM-10 transmitter and compared to other fm transmitters I've used (including Ramsey,Canakit, and a couple of Chinese ones) this one excels in sound good or better than some commercial stations with very low level background noise.  This is the ONLY transmitter that let's me get to the same volume level of the other stations with no distortion! (others have to be significantly quieter) This works in stereo only but not too hard to adapt to mono mode which does have some advantages (don't attempt without electronic knowledge).  Very happy with this and it's certified legal to use by Industry Canada. Ignore the stated range of 75 feet with portable radio.....with IC BETS specs (Canada), range will be more...much more with correct antenna length. Highly recomended!"
Mark Herberman
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
« Je voulais simplement vous dire que j'ai reçu la semaine dernière le transmetteur.  Super qualité!  Le son est parfait!  Merci! »

Richard Bossinotte, directeur des ventes
St-Nicolas, Québec, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"Michael that is excellent work, I am very happy, it will do nicely. You went above and beyond what you had to do and I will definitely buy from you in the future."
Robert P. Chrysafis
Lakewwod, Colorado, USA

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"Good day – Just wanted to say that I am very impressed with your service!  We will be sure to order from your company again."
Jackie Vian
Production Service Industries (P.S.I)
Caledon, Ontario, Canada

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"Thanks. It'll be mated to a Decade TRC 800S transmitter that's probably about 15 years old and still works perfectly and sounds amazing. Thank you for an outstanding product."
David Hoeffel
Sound Choice / All Access Music Group / Sirius/XM Radio
Lawrenceville, New Jersey, USA

 FM transmitters Decade temoignage
"Hi Michael;
Simply to advise that this morning I installed the Decade system and we currently have CICQ, Admiralty House Communications Museum, Tourism Radio, up and running on 92.3 FM at 20w.  We'll leave it there until we have the official ribbon cutting with the city's Mayor next week and then probably increase by another 10w or so.  Our maximum allowable is 50w..  Coverage at 20w is still impressive with reception over both the city of Mt. Pearl and the city of St John's.  It's a great little system, very user friendly and a joy to install.  Many thanks for your help."
Everett Price
Admiralty House Communications Museum
Mount Pearl, New Foundland, Canada


Here is a list of some of our well known clients
Bose Corporation
Forces Armées Canadiennes
Canadien National (CN)
Faimont Hotels
Famous Players
Fox TV
Meteo Media
Microsoft Corporation
Onkyo America
Place des Arts
Radio Shack
Rockwell Corporation
Salvation Army
Texas Heart Institute
Le Moulin à Images (Ex Machina, Robert Lepage)
Théâtre St-Denis
US Army
Vancouver Aquarium
Watch Tower Group


With our FM transmitters, it is possible to listen to the mass on your car radio, in the church parking lot.

Also, people who don't have a vaccination passport can attend masses or other events that they wouldn't normally be allowed to.

There will be a slight price increase, effective on February 1st 2022.  Decade never increased any price since 1991, but with the large price increase for electronic components, wires, connectors, sheet metal, pc-boards, cardboard, solder, etc. in the last two years, we have no choice but to do the same.

The 2022 dealer price list is available.  Please contact us at

Decade is against planned obsolescence, and offers products with a life expectancy far superior than that of all consummer electronic products available today.

See what professionals think of our great products in our new Reviews section.


This website displays false statements regarding the FCC certification / legality of many FM transmitters including our MS-100.  Please be assured that our MS Series of high quality FM transmitters are FCC part 15 certified and perfectly legal to use in the USA.  Furthermore, also advises potential customers not to buy many models of transmitters (including our MS series), under those false statements.  Instead, it emphasizes one or two products, including their own brand which, ironically, is not recommended by many FM transmitters forums.

We sincerely believe that our MS Series of transmitters are the best FCC part 15 FM transmitters in the market, and no other product even comes close in terms of RF performances, sound quality, reliability and longevity.  Yes, they cost more, but they are well worth it.


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